Vadim Sokolov: “Be proud of what you do!”

Not many men work for direct sales companies. Why so? Persuading, reasoning and convincing are not for us. Men need to feel secure about what they do. That’s why I have chosen dnaclub®. I saw a lot of network companies working on the “all for gain” principle. Most pharmaceutical innovations are nothing more than just an advertising gimmick. New sonorous names disguise old recipes promising miraculous results. Such companies are not for me.
It is an absolutely different approach when you deal with fundamental scientific developments and colossal investments. More than that, the producers support all the information by documents and give their distributors an opportunity to visit the production site. The dnaclub® marketing plan is simple and clear. With it you can earn real money from the very beginning without blushing for the products you offer. If it is connected with dnaclub® then my team and I would like to support the national developments and achievements.
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