Olga Foksha and Roman Zyuban: “The default of 2008 didn’t stop us!”

We started a business with dnaclub® in 2008. That year our country experienced an economic crisis.
Being true business people, we understood that future belonged to companies that would create a new consumer market for innovative products and services rather than edge into the existing one where supply exceeded demand. We spent six years in search for such a company before life gave us an amazing opportunity. The default of 2008 didn’t stop us because we saw an enormous potential of dnaclub®. And now, when our country is experiencing another economic crisis, the company is the Noah's Ark for us.
Very few companies have their own scientific base, modern production facilities, accelerator facilities and preclinical and clinical research laboratories.
The intellectual property of the company includes some patented products: a product that increases longevity, a product that increases drug bioavailability, a product that stimulates stem cell mobilization and a product that increases stem cell reserve of the body.
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