Irina Vinnik: “Making people healthy and wealthy became my ultimate priority!”

I worked as a senior researcher in the human resources department of the Regional Office of Siberian Academy of State Service at the President of the Russian Federation.
After I retired the year 2009 became a turning point for me because I started my business with dnaclub®. The reason for such a great change from being a pensioner to becoming an MLM professional was a strong motivation to travel. And I found a great solution of this issue in MLM marketing.
Having taken the product and received a positive result I can recommend it as well as the dnaclub® business to other people. Being a member of the club allows me to be a spectator, an actor and a director of my own life.
If there is no grand purpose to achieve, there is no success. The company’s ultimate priority is helping people become healthy and wealthy. It has become mine.
The scientific paradigm shift causes the behavioral shift which makes it possible for a lot of people to live full-fledged lives and to be healthy and wealthy.
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