Valentina Nekrasova: “I like working with a team!”

I joined dnaclub® seven years ago with the purpose to improve my health as long working years had shattered it. With the help of the dnaclub® products I managed not only to improve my own health but also helped some of my relatives who had such serious problems as myeloleukemia, arrhythmia, brain insult, etc.
My friends whom I told about the products also got positive results after using them. I liked that. So I decided to quit my job and start working with dnaclub® which involved a lot of travelling, product promoting and business building. I didn’t have any experience in multilevel marketing when I started the business. But now I am a Topaz Master. I don’t have any financial problems. And I am planning to become a Ruby Master.
I like working with my team! In my structure there are people from different Russian cities and towns. I can see positive results people get using the dnaclub® products. For example, in Bratsk and Yaroslavl two women gave birth to children though they hadn’t been able to get pregnant for several years. In their families I am treated as a godmother.
I also have some interesting business invitation stories to tell. For example, once I was walking my dog and a woman came up to me. She said that my dog looked very well and started complaining about her cat that had a protuberance on the neck and the eye. I told her about “Ti-San”. And her cat started getting better. Since that time she has been using the dnaclub® products herself. She has become a good distributor in my team. My life has changed for the better with dnaclub®.
I am planning to go on one more trip with my business partners where we will get more energy to open new cities and regions
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