Intensely moisturizing day cream Good Morning

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Tightness and dryness signalize that the skin needs inner moisturizing. Sufficient moisturizing ensures that the skin will stay young and healthy for many years! Intensely moisturizing day cream effectively restores the moisture-binding capacity of the skin, prevents skin atonia, smooths and effectively prevents small wrinkles, recovers the feelings of comfort and proper moisturizing in the driest skin at any age. 
Expected effects
  • Moisturizing; 
  • Rehydration; 
  • Prevention of wrinkles; 
  • Skin comfort recovery.
Dosing schedule
After cleansing the face and neck with Moisturizing Cleansing milk, gently massage it over the massage lines. In winter time avoid going out within 20-30 minutes after applying the moisturizing cream.
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