Eyes & Lips Firming Moisture Cream

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Thin and sensitive skin around eyes and lips requires special care. Face creams should not be applied to these areas: their heavy texture and unsuitable composition causes swelling of eyelids and eye bags. Eye & Lip Firming Moisture Cream effect is composed to smooth small wrinkles and improve the skin tone, remove dark under-eye circles. Penetrating the deep layers of the skin, Eye & Lip Firming Moisture Cream ensures intensive moisturizing and retention of moisture inside. 
Expected effects
  • Moisturizing; 
  • Rehydration; 
  • Removal of dark under-eye circles and small wrinkles; 
  • Skin energizing.
Dosing schedule
After cleansing the skin with Moisturizing Cleansing milk, gently tap a small amount of the cream around your eyes and lips with your fingers. Spread the cream from the nose bridge to the temples down the upper eyelids and from the temples to the eye angles down the lower eyelids. Apply the cream in the evening 1.5-2 hours before bedtime or in the morning or afternoon 30-40 minutes before going out.
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