Intensive energizing serum Essense

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Intensive energizing serum is richer in components and more effective than a cream, but as easy to use. It provides intensive care for your skin. Its composition is a unique blend of useful substances which acts immediately in deep layers of the skin, improving regeneration, moisturizing and nourishing. The serum considerably improves the penetrative functions and effectiveness of the cosmetic products which you apply after it. 
Expected effects
  • Intensive skin care;
  • Skin moisturizing and regeneration;
  • Better response to cosmetic aftercare.
Dosing schedule
In the morning and evening after cleansing the skin with Moisturizing Cleansing milk, spread a small amount of the serum over your face before applying the cream. Intensive energizing serum. Duration of treatment: every day or every second day for 2-3 weeks with 1 month break between the treatment courses. Repeat treatment if necessary.
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