Purifying and Ultra lifting Peel-off Express Mask

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Purifying and Ultra lifting Peel-off mask will erase weariness from your face, purify and refresh the skin. Its unique formula effectively purifies the skin and removes dead cells, immediately smooths the skin and recovers its healthy complexion as it improves the microcirculation of blood. The active components of the mask improve skin immunity and increase the skin resistance to unfavorable environmental factors and aging, treat skin irritation and contribute to skin regeneration. 
Expected effects
  • Immediate effect for healthy skin;
  • Deep purification;
  • Wrinkle-smoothing effect;
  • Color control effect;
  • Skin immunity improvement. 
Dosing schedule
Preheat Express Mask to room temperature before applying if you keep it in a cool place. Evenly spread the peel-off mask 1-2 times a week after cleansing the face and neck with Moisturizing Cleansing milk. After applying the mask, avoid active facial movements. When fully dried, peel off the mask pulling it from the chin to the forehead. Remove the rest with a wet sponge.
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