Anti-Aging BiFly Mask

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Top companies in cosmetic industry regularly add DNA products for face and body skin care into their product ranges. DNA is obviously a unique natural product, whose deficit is harmful for all cells of the body, above all, for skin cells. 
Aging one's face gets wrinkles, swellings, loses moisture and fresh complexion. Among all cosmetic products, only those containing DNA can stop aging and make the skin look young again. Unfortunately, biologically DNA does not penetrate the skin. 
Other creams and shampoos function only in the upper layers of the skin, unable to overcome biological barriers. While the main biological processes of regeneration belong to deeper layers. 
The active components of Anti-Aging Mask are effective because the DNA are combined with AXIS®-gel which helps the molecules overcome the biological barriers. These molecules carry DNA and water in the deeper layers of the skin. This ensures permanent moisturizing. 
Also, the DNA of ancient ocean fish can activate skin cells. As a result, the cells start producing new collagen. The deep skin layers become elastic while the upper layers become supple and soft. 
Expected effects
  • visible anti-aging effect;
  • moisturizing;
  • skin lift;
  • protection from environmental factors;
  • protection from premature aging and pores contraction.
Dosing schedule
After Exfoliating Peeling Mask, dissolve 1-2 pills of Anti-Aging Mask in pure water to make a paste-like mass, evenly spread it over your face (avoid the eyes) and neck, wait for 15-30 minutes. Keep the mask wet for the maximum effect. Remove the mask with a wet sponge;
recommended in combination with Exfoliating Peeling Mask.
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