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Dienai is a brand-new aftercare Product, a basic product in the parapharmaceutical line of dnaclub®. It has general tonic, immunomodulating and healing effects, it improves condition of vessels, internal organs, the nervous system, and other organs and systems. Fragmented DNA molecules – oligonucleotides – are biologically active substances in Dienai . The oligonucleotides belong to the class of nucleic acids, universal natural bioregulators of all cells. Alongside with proteins, carbohydrates and fats, nucleic acids are components necessary for nutrition. Their insufficient number causes a lot of cell function disorders and as a result organs and tissues are affected. Chronic fatigue, performance decrement, frequent cold-related diseases become the first symptom of insufficient number of nucleic acids. 
Dienai  is recommended for bioadjustment in chronic diseases, in the period of recovery from different diseases, maintenance of health, and prevention of premature ageing. AXIS® technology increases the high bioavailability of the Product – the ability of its active substance to penetrate into the organism.
Contraindications: individual intolerance to Dietary Supplements, pregnancy and lactation.  Consult a doctor representing dnaclub® Company before use. Non-medical product.
Expected effects
    • recovers metabolic processes;
    • reduces the sugar and cholesterol levels in blood;
    • reduces inflammatory reactions, especially exceeding physiological norms;
    • contributes to purification and regeneration of organs and tissues;
    • improves the condition of the vascular channel, recovers the permeability of capillary tubes, improves the blood supply of tissues and organs;
    • increases the intellectual and physical tone, removes chronic fatigue;
    • improves the condition of the nervous system, memory, sleep quality;
    • immunomodulation;
    • anti-tumor protection;
    • improves the effect of antibiotics anesthetics.
Dosing schedule
  • 1-2 capsules 1-2 times a day (in the morning and evening) orally 30-40 minutes before meals for adults and children of 14 years and older;
  • the full dose is titrated progressively, starting with 1 capsule per day, and proceeding with another capsule every third day, by no evidence of deteriorating condition;
  • duration of treatment: 17-21 days. Retreatment is possible after a 10-14 break.
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